Global HR Strategy

Management Policy and Global HR Strategy

At the heart of ITOCHU Corporation’s basic management policy is a commitment to becoming a highly attractive global enterprise by constantly reexamining its foundation and continuing to take on new challenges and pursuing innovation, while always taking into account the significant changes taking place in the global economy. Our vision of a truly global enterprise is a company that is recognized as being truly global by every stakeholder (including shareholders, creditors, business partners and society) around the world and supported by a corps of "global talent" who embrace a diverse set of global values regardless of such factors as age, gender, or national origin. To achieve these ends, ITOCHU has designated full-scale development of a Global HR Strategy as one of its important management policies.

Specifically, in order to maximize and optimize HR values on a group and global basis, the following two points have been designated as basic strategic policies.

  1. Continually developing and making optimal use of global management personnel from among employees of every nationality, race, gender and age to lead the ITOCHU Group as a global enterprise.
  2. Promoting heightened employee awareness throughout the entire group so as to develop talented employees who are capable of acting with a global perspective as befitting a truly global enterprise.